Promotional Merchandise is a Big Money Spinner

Promotional merchandise makes up a large proportion of the total incoming revenue of a concert or event. It is made up of high quality printed items that are available through online gift suppliers and printed with information that is related to the event such as programme times, photos, slogans and logos. These items are then sold as souvenir items to the people attending the event. Such items may include promotional caps, t-shirts, pens, mugs, or clothing and these are so successful not only as they create a big revenue stream, but also continue to advertise the event a long time after, every time the merchandise is used.

Usually event organiser orders the promotional merchandise long before the event from an online supplier and then this is distributed through stores, people or magazines. There might be a couple of shops available for purchases on the event site, plus an effective way to boost sales is to have merchandisers walk bearing the types of good that can be purchased for a souvenir. Merchandise is so popular as it provide the attendees with a long lasting reminder of the event and something that they can take home.

Perhaps the most effective demon slayer figure merchandise for an event is the basic T-shirt. This is a low cost clothing item that is a very popular item. T-shirts being one of the most popular worn items of clothing but also make fantastic promotion long after the even t is finished. Perhaps you want to put the event name, the artists and the location in full view on the T-shirt, whilst the subject is wearing it with a “I went there” feeling, the event will be advertised to everybody in the vicinity in full view for all to see, gaining maximum exposure for any future events, or to increase exposure of the artists. The T-shirts act as a walking billboard and is a “vote” from that person towards the event for all to see.

Other popular items are the smaller gimmicky type items such as the key rings, flashlights, or flags. These make an excellent revenue stream as profit is made through each purchase. Having a few staff walk round with the flashlight for demonstration will encourage the sales as the impression will be given this will enhance the whole event experience. People will be waving their flash lights in the air at the event for added enjoyment.

In fact, merchandising is such successful revenue stream that it has been deployed by TV, film and music. You may be surprised to learn that more money has been made from the merchandising of Harry Potter than the sale of books alone. Merchandise includes pens, pencil cases, clothing, lunch boxes, rulers, toys etc.