The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Manchester

The two Manchester Clubs have an obligation to their respective fans, the millions of fans watching around the world and to the Premier League to put on a show piece football match this Sunday. Luis van Gaal and Manuel Pellegrini must make sure their players do not resort to dirty tactics in an effort to win a football match. The Coaches are quick to complain about the Referees but keep quiet when their players act like thugs.

First the Good,

Manchester United team possesses one of the most talented players, in Angel De Mariaพนันเว็บ ufabet มือถือ you have a wizard with the ball. This player could do just about everything with the football. Real Madrid, what were you thinking when you sold De Maria? You replaced De Maria with James Rodriguez? He had a couple of good games in the World Cup. Rodriguez isn’t even good enough to get into the Stoke team.

Across the road at Manchester City, there is Sergio Aguero. He is goal machine, for 3 years he has been the main goal scorer for Manchester City. People talk about “world class” players, but he truly is world class.

The Bad

Manchester United V Chelsea FC. During a corner kick for Chelsea, Chris Smalling had Ivanovic in a headlock and then took him down with a “clothes line”, a move which wouldn’t be out of place at a Wrestling match. Marcos Rojo on John Terry, similar treatment. This is anti football. What was ironic is Terry complained. The phrase “pot… Kettle… ” comes to mind. Man U also have the serial offender Mr Elbows and legs Marouane Fellaini in their team. How is he even in the Manchester United team?

As for Manchester City, no more sexy football, more the “thugs R Us” football.