What’s going on With The SMOK Novo 4?

SMOK Novo 4 is the principal Novo to have a flexible wind stream control ring. Highlighted on the front on the Novo 4, you can undoubtedly dial in either a mouth to lung or confined direct lung vape.

Another fresh out of the box new component is this is the first in the Novo arrangement of unit vapes to have replaceable curls. All the more harmless to the ecosystem as well as considerably more savvy to change curls instead of cases when flavor disperses.

SMOK Novo 4 Design Upgrade

The little, effectively pocketable structure factor of the Novo arrangement is only one of numerous reasons why it’s the most famous case framework in the business.

Novo 4 has not just filled in highlights it’s additionally filled in height. At first 88mm tall it’s presently 93.5mm, an exceptionally slight increment that will in all likelihood go unseen. 2.5mm more extensive than the first and thickness or profundity has expanded to 17.7mm.

Wattage Adjustment and Screen

Similar as it’s greater sibling the Nord arrangement of unit frameworks the Novo 4 presently has a 0.49 inch screen which shows wattage, opposition (Ω), puff tally and battery levels.

A slight recessed catch can be utilized to control on and off (5 ticks), 3 ticks enters wattage change mode. Each snap after that expands wattage by 0.5W.

In spite of it’s little size the screen shows all your information in an unmistakable and simple to understand way.

With the capacity to change wattage from 5-25W in 0.5W augmentations Novo 4 makes it simple to track down the ideal strength for your taste.

SMOK Novo 4 Fast Charge

Another pristine component to the Novo arrangement is the Type-C USB 0.74A charging port SMOK have added. The battery is similar limit as past forms, 800mAh, yet now can be completely energized in only an hour and a half. As it has just barely be declared we can’t say at this stage on the off chance that you can vape while charging however all past rendition had this usefulness

New Novo Coil Options

Since you don’t need to supplant the units and can simply MY BAR Blueberry Ice supplant the curl there are a pristine loop offering. In the Novo 4 Kit comes packaged with the LP1 Meshed 0.8ω loop anyway there are two different curls to browse:

SMOK LP1 DC 0.8ω MTL Coil: Slightly less fume that the Meshed curl however gives a more extraordinary flavor. Best at 12-25W

SMOK LP1 DC 1.0ω MTL Coil: Stronger throat-hit and magnificent MTL flavors. Best at 10-15W

SMOK Novo 4 Pods

Novo 4 cases are the equivalent vape juice limit as past variants, 2mL, however there are many contrasts to past forms.

In the pack comes a dark straightforward case which makes seeing vape juice levels quite simple. There are additionally completely straightforward cases which are sold independently.

As an afterthought is the top off space and the curls are push fit on the foundation of the unit.

Savvy Coil Detection

To make vaping simpler, particularly for fledglings SMOK Novo 4 highlights canny loop discovery. When you associate the case the gadget will recognize the curl opposition and set the wattage to the suggested level. When remembered you would then be able to change wattage as you see fit.

New Novo Release Date

Delivery date for the SMOK Novo 4 is set to be toward the beginning of April however you can join on our SMOK Novo 4 item page today and get an email notice when we get it in stock.

You can likewise still purchase the first Novo, Novo 2, Novo X and Novo 3 in our online vape shop.

New Novo 4 Price

SMOK have recorded the Novo 4 at $39.99 yet when it shows up in the US here at vaping.com will sell it around $29.99.

Novo 4 Colors Options

SMOK Novo 4 is produced using a finished Zinc amalgam that is extreme, tough and jazzy.