Washing Machines – Wash Your Cloth In Very Less Time

The known brands for washing machines in India include Electrolux, Kelvinator, Godrej, IFB, LG, Onida, Samsung, Sanyo, Videocon, Whirlpool.

Types Of Washing Machine

Semi Automatic:

A Semi Automatic machine is the one that has twin tubs and performs the three functions of washing, rinsing and spin-drying. One tub does the washing and rinsing and the other performs spin-drying. Once these functions are completed in the wash tub, the clothes have to be manually transferred to the spin tub for drying. This model is a best option for those who do not have a constant supply of water. All leading brands offer good models with all the ultra-modern features.

Fully Automatic:

In a Fully Automatic machine all the three tasks of washing, rinsing and drying are performed in a single tub. This machine offers the ease of selecting a program to perform any one or specific combinations or all of the operations.

Fully Automatic machine can be further classified into three categories based on their ‘level of control.’

Neuro Fuzzy Control:

This gives the ultimate level of control that one could desire. It has the ‘ sensors’ which automatically detect the type of fabric and accordingly determine the wash time, water and detergent required.

Fuzzy Control:

Fuzzy control has “load sensors’. They indicate the amount of detergent and water required and determine the wash cycle based on the wash load.
This control allows one to save water, detergent and most importantly electricity, while the machine automatically estimates optimum wash time. Buy Best washing machine in india

Conventional or Manual:

The person himself is incharge here. You have to decide what you want the machine to do for you. The wash cycle, the water level as well as the detergent amount needs to be selected and set by you.

Based on the loading options:

Top loading: Here the clothes are loaded from the top.

Front loading: Here the clothes are loaded from the front.

Comparisons of energy use show that front loading Washing Machine generally use less energy, water and detergent and are more efficient as well as sometimes more effective at cleaning. The new top loaders are poor at performance especially since the government regulations have reduced the amount of energy they consume, which has resulted in shortened cycles and less effective cleaning. Front loaders do tend to have longer cycle times although they still consume less energy. Front-loaders consume less energy, with dramatically lower amounts of water and less detergent.